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You conduct business internationally and naturally you would like to do the best you can. Communication with clients outside the Netherlands is an important factor in your success. IT&C gives you what you need for this: translations that are clear, so your clients understand why they are doing business with you, or better still: why they should. Your business knows no borders. Neither will your communications from now on.


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Translation Services


IT&C translates from and into a selection of languages - standard ones like German, French, English, Spanish, Russian and Italian, but also less common ones like Chinese, Czech, Swedish or Japanese - performed by translators who have an affinity with what you sell or do. Because we know that a children’s book is not a legal text, you will receive exactly what your company requires. We can depend upon a large network of specialists with whom we enjoy a close working relationship, so in principle almost anything is possible. IT&C is also economical. We archive all your terminology and expressions across all your texts.

Editing and correction of translations

For example, assume you have a perfectly translated text for your clients in the UK. You would like to use the same text for your market in the USA. Both English speaking countries, but very different at heart. IT&C can adjust your text for the benefit of your American audience. Details are important. This is what we are good at, because we know it is the details that make all the difference. Naturally, we are also happy to revise translations that you are not absolutely confident about.


Important agreements must be clear for both parties. Are you just about to close a deal with an international partner? Then it is vital that you understand each other completely. Both the language and the sales signals. Our interpreters can support you in this all-important task. IT&C Support coordinates interpreting services for specific events like trade fairs, congresses and on-site visits.


Clear communication also means making clear agreements in advance. We understand that you need your translation as rapidly as possible. We will always do our best to meet your targets without ever compromising on our quality standards. As soon as we have received your text, we will tell you when you can expect to receive your completed translation. Our quotations are always crystal clear. You will have these promptly, to avoid wasting time.

Please complete all the fields. We can then start immediately to prepare a quotation to promote your international communication.


Your international success begins with contact. Please call or email us for a tailor-made solution, to ensure that your communication knows no borders. We look forward to hearing from you.

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